Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's forever for?

Doesn’t anybody ever stay together anymore? That’s a question from one of my favorite songs growing up, but today it seems more pertinent than ever before.

It’s heartbreaking to see so many of us give up on love for really stupid and conceited reasons. We often think of infidelity as involving another man or woman, but the truth is, we are guilty of infidelity when we let anything - whether it's our egos, pride, hobbies, entertainment, social life, friends or work - hijack our hearts from the ones we love, and place our relationships in neat little compartments which we only take out when it pleases us.

In this narcissistic world of what I want, what I prefer, who I want to be with; fidelity is often a tragic victim of selfishness disguised as “being true to myself”…without realizing that we’re often untrue to the one who loves us.

I wonder how many of us actually place our partners as priorities in our lives, and how many of us who enjoy that precious place in the hearts of our partners actually treasure that privilege. It’s sad, but all too often we let our relationships die right before our eyes because we turn our sights away from what’s true and noble, and fix our glances only upon the seduction of self-interests.

Don’t couples know that the opportunities for reconciliation, for healing grace and love are blessings that do not grow on trees, but are graciously given from heaven – not because we deserve it but because we need it. And as the gospel so often reminds us, we must not hesitate with graces, we must not be slow to respond to the kindness God shows us. When the opportunity for reconciliation and peace expresses itself, we must not let pride rob us of that saving grace - for there may not be another one like it.

We need to pray for hearts today; hearts that have forgotten how to love responsibly, to love with hope and forgiveness, to persevere in charity and truth, to be contrite in humility, to trust with generosity, and to always choose fidelity – not just to our partners, but to the virtues of love itself!

For in the end, falling in love is easy…choosing to love is heroic and ultimately the only true face of love. And that is the love we must always pine and work for, even if our partners don't deserve it. Or should I say - especially when they don't deserve it, so that with God's help love may conquer all, and bring healing both to ourselves and to our relationships.

Billy Gilman - What's Forever For Lyrics

I've been looking at people

And how they change with the times

And lately all I've been seeing are people

Throwing love away and losing their minds

Or maybe it's me that's gone crazy'

Cause I can't understand why

All these people keep hurting each other

When good love is so hard to come by

So what's the glory in living

Doesn't anybody ever stay together anymore

And if love never lasts forever

Tell me what's forever for

I've been listening to people

And they say love is the key

And it's not my way to let them lead me astray

It's only that I want to believe

But I see love-hungry people

Trying their best to survive

While right there in their hands is a dying romance

And they're not even trying to keep it alive

So what's the glory in living

Doesn't anybody ever stay together anymore

And if love never lasts forever

Tell me what's forever for

And if love never lasts forever

Tell me what's forever for